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After years of self-funded research and experimentation, Sri used her experience and learnings to take the industrial process and give it a touch of emotion. By adding a layer of craft through beading, embroidery and dyeing, 3D printed pieces were humanised and given more character than before.


Working with materials, manipulating them and combining different materials to produce unseen results has been the core of our design process. The starting inspiration has always been the material itself—getting into the depth of the material properties, its behaviour and its interaction with other materials forms the foundation of her designs. 


Classically conformative, the aesthetic is simple, structured and timeless. She continually strives to uplift these classic silhouettes with play of materials and mechanisms.




Sri Gupta has an extensive background in jewellery design, which led her down the road to study, understand and speak to the technology and material used in 3D Printing.


With a Masters from the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar and a semester spent in the jewellery department of the School of Art & Design at UNSW, Sydney as an exchange student, Sri has learned everything there is to know about design and jewellery and bringing the two together. Her jewellery collection as a student was even presented at the Indian International Jewellery Week.


She also did an apprenticeship with Esther Brinkmann, where her time in the studio with the contemporary jewellery designer changed the way she looked at jewellery. After Elle Decor India awarded her graduation project ‘Student of the Year’, Sri had the opportunity to do a summer course in Milan which exposed her to the international design scene.

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